Essential WordPress theme review

So I’ve been occupied recently and I haven’t had the opportunity to truly revamp my site. So I did decide to rebuild my website using a trending WordPress theme called the essential theme. The essential theme took around two years to build and quickly became one of the top WordPress themes on theme forest. With the features that offered templates it provided, I decided to add them to my current WordPress website. Today I’ll be doing my review report on things I liked about the essentials theme and things I don’t like about it and get your opinion on this WordPress theme. Now I’ve used this theme for about 2 weeks now, so I can say with confidence that i”m familiar with it.

Essential Theme Review

Essential theme first starts out by wanting you to install some plugins and activate the theme. It has several recommended plugins but you don’t need to install all of them to make them functional. It does have some heavy server requirements like 64 MB size max file upload and a memory limit requirement of 256 MB. But I’ll touch base on this a little later in the review. The theme does offer some unique features like page transitions and shape dividers for specific pages. The theme also offers unique elements like gradients and even an animated gradient shape divider.


So with that let’s first talk about some pro things about the essential theme.

Header and footer Builder

The astonishing header and footer developer in addition to formats for the header and footer. The header and footer builder for the essential theme is very dynamic and versatile. you can also build a custom header and footer from scratch that also offers tons of really cool elements. it has a specific header and footer builder for a specific device. It offers huge loads of actually pleasantly planned headers and footers for practically every specialty. You can likewise have different header styles a tacky menu and even a tacky versatile menu.

The massive library templates

These templates are beautiful, the designers have introduced some neat designs and are really pushing the creativity of web design. You can choose from a few formats or utilize pre-made squares. You can choose virtually any category, so you should find a template or a block for virtually any WordPress website niche.

Nicely designed elements

The elements that come with essentials are uniquely nice and they look great. The essential theme offers elements that can make your site look a lot of modern and cleaner. In the event that you like ostentatious liveliness, they do offer different components that can truly wow your crowd. There is a lot to choose from, So I’m sure you” find something to fit your needs.

Page styles and the theme customizer

every specific page has options to have a custom header and footer or even specific menus. You can adjust padding for specific pages and also add section slides and dark sections to each page. With all the options to control you have over the website. You won’t have a problem with super picky clients. The essential theme also offers various blog styles that look great modern. It functions admirably with pictures to ensure your blog looks proficient and current. Are you running an E-commerce website no problem you can choose from various styling options that make your store look real modern? You can add dividers different add-to-cart icons and gradient tags anywhere you like. Overall it’s a good choice for your e-commerce business.

Incredible help

I will concede the topic has an expectation to absorb the information it took me around three days to completely see all parts of the topic. But the developers did help me out every step of the way and were prompt and helpful.

Bloated and loads too much

This theme is massive the essential theme by default is around 30 MB, which is very large compared to a regular WordPress theme of around three to five megabytes. Another issue is that many of the elements just load too many fronts and CSS by default.

An expectation to absorb information

Many occasions the subject customizers and furthermore the page settings can negate one another. I had issues adjusting certain parts of my website because other parts might conflict with what you’re actually trying to do. Example: You have a specific setting on the theme customizer or if you want to change a page setting some changes might not apply because one might override the other. But of course, after messing around with WordPress stuff as we all do, you can probably get the hang of the theme setting and the page settings within a few hours.


I’ll be honest the theme is glitchy many of the shape dividers and theme customizers don’t even display. Additionally, when you roll out your improvements with the subject customizer you need to click distribute and save it and possibly clear the store more than once, and afterward, you’ll see the progressions show up. Additionally, at times shading styles don’t work after different endeavors to alter each piece of the site. I thought some having problems with certain changes not being made.

Elements need to be more customizable

The elements are nice but they are too conditional they are not very flexible and they can’t be customized with mobile devices. I think Some elements are too similar to the elementor pro version.

What’s my overall verdict, I give this theme a solid build and it’s great for websites. If you want a stylish website with a modern design I think it’s a great pick. It does need some optimization. But since the theme just came out, we can expect this to be better optimized over time.

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