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What Is Web Hosting and Why Does It Matter for Your Website?

What is Web Hosting? Hosting is like a physical store where you can store all your website data, and the storage is always live online, and anyone can see all data.

What is web hosting?

As I said before, the website is a place that allows your site to be online 24/7. You can get the best-looking website out there, but without a host, which file and data you have with nowhere to go. When you pay Hostinger provider to host your website, that means you’re paying to stay connected to your website live. We always recommend Hostinger, which gives services at the lowest cost from other hosting companies and provides you the best services.

The amount of the hosting space always depends on your choosing the package. I suggest you choose the perfect hosting package you need for your business. Another hand, hosting space depends on your website type like portfolio, blog, eCommerce. If you have a large eCommerce site, you need a big hosting space for your business. 

So choosing the perfect website hosting for your business is important to your web presence.

What are the different types of web hosting?

So, we talk about what web hosting is for launching a website.

Now let’s talk about four different types of website hosting.

The First Option Is A Website Builder

You probably heard of these kinds of names. Website builders like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace are the most popular in this industry. With the website builder, you can easily make a website without knowing any single line of coding knowledge, So it’s a great opportunity for a beginner. You’re feeling happy to know that around 43% of websites worldwide are built with WordPress.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting means that you share your hosting server with some other person. So if you don’t have a huge number of traffic, you can go with this method. The downside of this hosting is this server can be crashed anytime on your working times.

Even if you don’t break it, if your other hosting partner gets more traffic, it can cause a slow down of your website. If you don’t like this, you can go with another hosting plan.

Virtual Private Server

VPS( Virtual Private Server) web hosting is also like a shared host. However, this server is separated into different private servers for each website. So although you share your website store with other hosting providers, all have their little compartment. Think like a dresser for your clothing.

Though like that, you have a dresser that contains all your clothes, shirts, pants, socks there’re in the different drawers.

A VPS server allocates a fixed amount of space for each website, so if one site gets lots of traffic, it won’t negatively affect your website.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated web hosting server is fully yours. That’s means that you’re not sharing any single space with another site. The server is fully made for you. Plus, only you have access to the server. If your website gets over 100,000 visitors, you might go with a dedicated server. But if you run a small business and have a small number of visitors, you can go with another plan.

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