What Is Shared Hosting? Is It Good For New Bie?

What is Shared Hosting? It’s simple to say that, shared hosting is a once kind of hosting service where lots of website owner share their hosting space with other hostmate. 

Shared hosting become more popular, especially for beginners, for its affordable price, because you’re sharing your hosting space with your hostmate. 

In this article, we’ll be explaining everything about What is shared hosting? After reading this article you’ll be decided that “shared hosting is best for you?” We’ll also give you the list of the top best-shared hosting providers.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is one of the most popular website hosting in the web hosting industry. Shared hosting is best for entry-level website owners.

In addition to shared hosting, your website shared your hosting server resources like CPU, and RAM with your other hostmate. For this reason, you’ll be the hosting package with an affordable price segment.

However, if you go with shared hosting services – You can make a website professional website so there’s no doubt, that the shared hosting package can’t handle huge real-time traffic. Your website may crash for handles millions of traffic. 

But if you’re at a beginner level, then you can easily go with shared hosting packages. A shared hosting plan is built for beginner and entry-level budget website owners. When you just launch your new website then you can get little traffic on your website. So your shared hosting package can easily handle this traffic. 

Which thing you should look for in the Shared Web Hosting Package

Most of all kinds of hosting companies provide shared web hosting packages. But all hosting companies are not good to provide the best hosting plan. So you should be looking for something when you going to buy shared web hosting packages. There’re some parameters that you must need when you buy a Shared Web hosting package. 

  • Storage: Storage is a physical space where your all file, data, images, videos, and codes are stored. I suggest you go with a minimum of 5GB SSD storage if you’re starting a blog website. Or if you want to make an e-commerce website then I suggest you buy a minimum of 50GB+ SSD storage. Also, you should go with SSD storage, not HDD. SSD hard disk has no rotating material so you’ll get the best performance. 
  • Bandwidth: Bandwidth is one of the main parts of A online business. Easy to say that, one user comes to your website and watches a video that is 100MB and he read your 5 articles which size is 5MB. Then your visitors spent 105MB and your hosting lost 105MB of bandwidth. I suggest you to but a minimum of 1TB+ bandwidth for your website. 
  • Uptime: If you need your website to be always live on the internet then you need uptime. Most hosting providers offer 99% hosting uptime. But you must need a minimum of 99.9% uptime for your website. 
  • Customer Support: User support is one of the main things in a hosting service. Hosting is all about a technical matter. Suppose that you’ve to face a technical problem, then you must be needed technical support.
  • Easy Control Panel: When just first launch your website, then you’re the man who visits the cPanel of your hosting account. Thought that, if you visit your hosting cPanel for the first time, your hosting control panel is very difficult. This time what do you feel.

Domain Name: Domain name is one of the best things if you’re in saving mode like me. You can contact the best hosting provider for a free domain name or domain name coupon. Our site also provides a Hostinger Coupon Code you can use the coupon for a great save. 

Pros and Cons of Shared Hosting

There’re lots of best sides to shared hosting packages. We all know that nothing is perfect So there are some bad sides to Shared hosting packages. 

In a shared web hosting package, you’ll get the best web hosting package at an affordable price segment. You also get unlimited bandwidth, the best support system, great uptime, Free SSL, SSD storage, free domain name, and much more.

If you start with a shared web hosting package and you start to get a lot of website traffic then you must face a crashing problem or something. So I suggest you upgrade your hosting package when you get much traffic.

Best Web Hosting Provider all over the World

Many web hosting providers world’s best Web hosting services. But there are some best names in the Web hosting industry. Whois is one of the oldest and best hosting services providers all over the world.


Hostinger Shared Hosting

Hostinger is well known for it best affordable price segment. The hosting price of Hostinger is start from $2.99/mo. You can get almost everything which you need to make a professional website. You’ll be free domain name, Free SSL certificate, SSD storage, Unlimited bandwidth, Great Uptime (99.9%+) and much more. 


Bluehost Shared Hosting

Bluehost is best hosting company for its performance. Bluehost hosting price start from $2.95/mo. Bluehost offers Free domain name, Free SSL certificate,  1 click WordPress Installer, 24/7 Support system, Free CDN ( Content Delivery Network) and much more.


Namecheap Shared Hosting

Namecheap is one of the cheap and best services provider hosting company all over the world. You can start your website within $25/Year. You’ll be free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, domain name info hide, free migrate and much more.


Hostgator Shared Hosting

HostGator is well known for it high performance. The hosting price is start from $2.75/mo. HostGator offer free domain name, free SSL certificate, Unlimited Bandwidth, free WordPress/cPanel Transfer, and more.

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