How To Get More Backlinks For Your Website Easily

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If you want to go to the first page on google then one of the key factors to ranking high on Google is to get more websites to link to you. But how do you Get More Backlinks and how do you get them efficiently and quickly? Hey, everyone, I’m Efti and today I’m going to teach you how to build backlinks fast.

How To Get More Backlinks To Your Website

Firstly you need to go to the homepage. And when you go there, scroll to the bottom and click on the tool option. When you click on Tools, you’ll see an option for domain and keyword checker, and you want to click on that. And then you want to type in your domain. My domain is So I’m going to type that in and then click Search. Now keep in mind, that if your website is a newbie, you may have little to no backlinks and no data here. And It’ll show you what to do in a bit if that’s the case.

How To Gaining Backlinks To Your Website

But first, let’s go through the process assuming you do have people linking to you. When you search your domain, then, you’ll see an overview of your domain authority, your backlinks, referring domains, organic traffic, links over time, new and lost links, anchor text, and distribution right here, that’s words are people using in the links and the domain authority of the sites linking to you. Are they high or low? How many people there are? And of course a list, a laundry list, technically, of all the pages linking to you, and you can just keep going and going, and see there’ll be tons of links. But what’s beautiful about this, is there’s a new and lost backlink chart.

It’ll show you all the people on a daily basis that are linking to your site and that are not linking to you anymore. Lost referral domains are anyone who is not linking to you anymore to your site. New referral domains are someone who is linking to you now, but they weren’t linking to you before. Now the green ones are good. You don’t have to worry about green that for your website. The red ones though, they’re bad. Why did someone remove the link from you? You can also find a lot of lists that are linked to your website.

Process 1: How to Get More Backlinks

Firstly you need to going there site and get their email. And if you’re like, “Hey, Brother, I don’t know how to find their email,” well just go to In, you can put in the URL for any site, and they’ll start telling you the email address. After searching this website show all the emails on this website. And You’ll want to email them. So maybe this name here is Bryce. So let’s say it’s and say, “Hey, Bryce, I notice that you removed a link to from this URL,” and the URL would be from their main blog page. “I just had a question for why.

If you don’t want to link to IdeaTechy, that’s fine, but you used to. Here are some cool new features we released with Ideatechy that’ll help your users, but I would love it if you could add a link back. Or if you’re not interested and you don’t want to link to Ideatechy anymore, curious to learn why. Cheers, Eftekharul.” And that’s it. Either many people who will ignore your email or they’ll tell you why they want to link to you and maybe you can take that feedback and fix it. And then get them to add a backlink back, or they’ll add a link back. And just doing this process will help you get a lot of backlinks.

Process 2: How to Get More Backlink

Another thing I want you to do, and let’s go back to Ubersuggest, and let’s go back to the backlinks here because they’re in the new and lost link. I can do this also with my competition. Remember I said if you don’t really have any new or lost links because you haven’t really built any, you would want to put in your competitor’s name. So let’s say I put in And You can see how many links they have, as well as new and lost daily. Now I more so, instead of wanting to look at their lost links, I want to look at their new links, right? The new link shows you how many new people are linking to them regularly. The lost links will show you how many people or how many links you’ve lost.

So these are all the new links. These are the lost links. And the loss shows them how many people removed their link. The news shows how many new people are linking. And here’s the thing. I don’t want to focus on the loss, because for anyone who stopped linking to Moz, it’s going to be tough to be like, “Hey, I noticed you stopped linking to my competition so start linking to me.” That pitch doesn’t really work well.

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