Hostinger Review

Hostinger Is one of the best web hosting companies in the world. Around 10M people hosted their website with Hostinger. So hostinger is the most trusted company. Hostinger provides all kinds of websites like other hosting companies such as Shared web hosting, Dedicated Web hosting, WordPress Web Hosting, VPS web hosting, Cloud web hosting, and much more. If you wanna create your website for a blog or newspaper then I probably suggest you to using Hosting web hosting. Hostinger provides you best website loading speed which is much more important for google ranking. 

Hostinger Shared Hosting Review

Hostinger web hosting basically similar to other web hosting companies, and it offers a shared web hosting plan. Share Hosting means with the most basic hosting tier, your website lives on the same server as another website. In other words, you can host your website with shared hosting at the lowest cost. Shared hosting isn’t so powerful as another hosting plan. So your website may be slow down for some time. If your website content receives a big social media hit.

Hostinger has three different hosting plans such as Pingle, Premium, And Business Plan. Single Plan cost around $9.49 per month or $2.99 per month with a one-year commitment. Next The Premium Plan comes with $10.95 or $5.99 per month plan. It’s offers unlimited monthly data transfer and 100GB of storage. And Lastly The Business Plan comes with a $15.99 or $6.99 er month plan. Basically this plan comes with lots of features like free domain name, free SSL certificate and this plan easily handles around 25,000 monthly traffic.  Hostinger plans also offers two-year and four-year deals that come with a significant discount

Hostinger VPS Hosting

(VPS) The Virtual Private Server hosting plan is the minimum web hosting tier. If you want to be serious about creating something with your business online. Compared with the shared hosting VPS web hosting gives you more resources to work, and you can feel more compatibility with VPS website hosting than the shared hosting plan.

Hostinger has around six Linux Based VPS hosting plans. The entry-level VPS hosting plan comes with 1GB RAM, 20GB storage, and 1000GB monthly data transfers for $4.94. And the top-level tier Linux plan comes with 8GB RAM, 160GB of high-speed storage, and an 8000GB data transfer rate of $58.99. Unfortunately, Hostinger hasn’t any offer with windows-based VPS Plans.

Hostinger Review - WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the most popular website builder all over the world. WordPress is extremely easy to use for a newbie and makes your website more attractive.

Hostinger comes with lots of WordPress plans, they’re four such as single, starter, business, and pro. Hostinger WordPress and Hostinger share hosting are basically the same names, but there are a little bit different in their specs. WordPress hosting single plan comes from $4.99 and Pro plan comes with $24.99. WordPress hosting basic plan can handle 10,000 monthly visitors and the pro plan can handle 3,00,000 monthly visitors and the pro plan also comes with a jetpack plan personal plan.

Hostinger Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is web hosting that is basically powered by several different servers. You can scale resources in real-time.

Hostinger comes with three different cloud hosting plans such as Cloud Startup, Cloud Professional, And Google-powered cloud global. The entry-level cloud hosting plan comes with $12.99 per month when you buy an annual plan. And this plan comes with 3GB of RAM, 2 cores, and 200GB of SSD Storage. The middle plan comes with $22.99 and this plan provides up to 6GB RAM and up to 250GB Storage. And The pro plan comes with $79.99 and it provides 16GB of RAM and 300GB of SSD Storage. Hostinger comes with a dedicated plan IP address, a free SSL certificate, And the hosting capacity is 300 websites. This pro plan comes with two-year and four-year plans.

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