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Free vs Paid Web Hosting: Which Service is Best?

A website is a fundamental requirement for all kinds of businesses. Now there’s a question: Should I go with free web hosting or paid hosting? Most startup companies want to start a website with free hosting to cut hosting costs. But when you need to expand your company, it seems to be stuck. A differents between Free vs Paid Web Hosting.

There’re lots of hosting companies available to provide us best services. You need to decide which services are the best for your business. In this content, we will be discussing the difference between free website hosting vs paid hosting so that you can make a better choice for your business. Mobile Phone Price In Bangladesh

Free vs Paid Web Hosting: Which is better?

Free vs Paid Web Hosting has lots of pros and cons. Free website hosting services companies may attract customers with their striking deals, but they come with lots of optional tags. If you want to promote temporary services and display information on your website, then free hosting can be the best hosting for you. 

On the other hand, paid hosting companies are looking for a long-term expansion. It is a reliable and scalable option for a professional-looking website, making it look credible.


The name suggests that free hosting comes with limited access and restricted features. Those web hosting companies will help you host your website for free to host your website online. Most of the hosting companies will use your website as their advertisement billboard. If you don’t upload a lot of content and need a website for promotional purposes, you can go with free hosting.


Paid hosting offers you more features, opportunities, reliability. But you need to pay your hosting provider for your services ( monthly or manually). Your hosting provider provides you with a hosting plan based on your website traffic and needs. So you can go with a shared hosting plan if you have just started your business or you’re looking for long-term goals. Based on the project, you can get lots of features like bandwidth, storage, SSL certificates, cPanel, Business email addresses.


Free web hosting gives you a free website hosting space with zero costs, but you don’t get the features like paid hosting offers. You’ll be found lots of differents between a Free vs Paid Web Hosting.

  • If you start your website with zero investment, you can create a website, but lots of features may be restricted.
  • With a free host, you can’t access or control your web server cPanel area. 
  • With free hosting services, you can’t get access to a business email address, add unlimited bandwidth, SSL certificates, or increase storage. 
  • If you realize that you need some extra features, you need to pay for those services.
  • When you select a shared hosting plan, you will get features like disk space, bandwidth, SSL certificates, and a control panel. 
  • Additionally, based on the hosting plan, you can access integrated tools, Dedicated customer supports, CDN.

Storage and Bandwidth

free vs paid web hosting

A major difference between Free vs Paid Web Hosting is the storage and bandwidth. Best hosting providers offer plans with variations in disk storage and bandwidth. A free web-hosting plan may provide you with a limited number of disk storage & bandwidth, which is affecting your website performance. Similar to your business growth, you will need to upload lots of files, videos, and photos on your website. And a limited number of features can be a case of your site downtime. 

Compared with free web hosting, a paid hosting plan provide you with the required storage with sufficient bandwidth.

Free vs Paid Web Hosting Security

If you go with a free hosting plan, you don’t expect full security features. Your site will be facing malicious files and spam links with free web hosting. Besides, you don’t get a security seal for your websites, such as an SSL certificate or sitelock. Also, many free hosting providers sell their data to marketers, so I recommend you don’t go with a free plan.

On the other hand,  a paid hosting provider is fully granted with your website security. Most paid plans offer free SSL certificates, malware scanning, regular site updates and prevent your site from brute force attacks and DDoS attacks.

Hope you guys understand about Free vs Paid Web Hosting. Thank you for staying with us.

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