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What is the Difference Between .COM Vs .CO Domain?

Let’s talk about the difference between .com vs .co domain.

Do you know that all the domain names aren’t suitable for you, and it may affect your website?

Similarly, when you type a domain name on the domain search bar, you’ll find lots of domain extension that makes you confused about which domain name is perfect for your business or portfolio.

When choosing a domain name, then .com extension, you’ll see the .com domain, which is most popular as far as a business website is concerned. But over some years, the .co domain extension has also picked up the peace.

The .com domain extension is the most generic, so that you can use this extension for any business or brand name. On the other hand, .co is a country-related domain extension. Both of the domain extensions have some pros and cons. So lets talk about .com vs .co domain extension.


The list of domain extensions is huge. Choosing the right domain name for your website matters; likewise, choosing the right domain extension is important. When you come to use a domain for commercial or business purposes, then .com domain is the right choice. But when you use a domain for a country whose then .co domain extension is the better choice for you.

Which is the better for your website .com vs .co depends on your needs and requirements. However, do you want to about the difference between .com vs .co, then this blog will help you find the best solutions?


If we’re talking about availability, then the .com extension is generic. On the other hand .co domain extension is easily available.

If you want to start a new site and register a new domain name like, then there’s a high possibility that is already registered. Then there’s only one way to acquire this domain name would be if you buy the domain name from the site owner.

Alternatively, you can want to register with a hosting service, and it may be available. Also, if you purchase a domain name from the Hostinger domain coupon, you’ll get it for a discounted price, which will be a great opportunity for you.


Like .com and .net the main different between .com and .co is only a number. More than 10 Million websites own .com websites to launch their website; on the other hand, only 2 million users use the .co domain. 

  • Most of the business industries and top-level brands use the .com domain extension, and most of the users try to use the .com domain for the first time when they want to buy a domain name. 
  • Currently, most hosting companies charge more money than the .co domain because the .com domain uses a lot of time, and a user wants to buy a .com domain extension when they purchase. 
  • On the other hand, most people are familiar with the .com domain extension. But when you buy a .co domain extension printed on your first business card, then people might get confused that it’s a typo or doubt its credibility.
  • When someone types your website name, most people use the .com extension after your domain name. So with a .co domain, there might be a little bit confusing to type your website name, which is a disadvantage.
  • Plus, if you use a .co domain extension, your visitors are confused about typing your website URL because they’re familiar with using a .co domain extension.


At this time, when I was writing this content, there were around 1.18 billion live websites all over the world, so ranking top on the google search results was quite challenging. So most business owners use search engine optimization to increase their search rank.

SEO tricks and tools provide visibility to a website and improve a website’s ranking. If you don’t spend your time optimizing your website, then there’s a chance your site will go down.

A .com domain offers a better value than a .co domain extension from a search engine perspective.

  • According to search metrics, the .com domain extension will rank better than a .co domain.
  • Further, if your website is fully optimized for a search engine, you’ll be able to increase the website reach.
  • Also, when some people search for a product and see a .com domain extension, it shows credibility.


The .com domain extension doesn’t base on any location. If you register a .com domain, you can use this domain name all over the world. A .com domain name based on GTLD stands for the generic top-level domain. 

The .com  domain name is used for branding purposes, so most website owners want to use a .com domain extension.

On the other hand, a .co domain extension is used for a country’s purpose. Like in India used for the Uk it would be


The .co domain extension is surprisingly expensive compared to a .com domain. But Why?

  • When the domain extension is purchased in bulk, it affects the availability. So the higher price is to make it more available and stop the ill-practice of being in bulk.
  • Most people buy a .com domain extension for business purposes, and they want to redirect from the .co page to the .com extension page. This process ensures that if someone else wants to use a similar domain name with the .co domain extension, they won’t be able to do it. Mobile Phone Price In Bangladesh

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